This is an About Page

Matt Giovanisci

My name is Matt Giovanisci of I’m the creator of Carbonate: the theme this site is running on.

I built this site to showcase the speed of the Carbonate theme and to host all the help documentation on how to use it.

Ok, enough about me. This is an “about” page, which apparently is about YOU!

According to the fine folks at, the “About” page is the most important page on your blog. It’s usually one of the most popular pages on your site, too.

The biggest mistake is making the page about YOURSELF. It seems counterintuitive, I know.

I’m going to break down Fizzle’s exact method for writing your “About” page while at the same time making it about you, the person interested in using Carbonate. Let’s give it a shot!

Here are the 5 things I want to accomplish with this page:

  1. Define the ideal reader (you).
  2. Define your problem or desire.
  3. Convey why you should use Carbonate.
  4. Share my qualifications as the theme developer.
  5. Ask you to buy Carbonate. Nicely.

I’m willing to bet you wanna get started with a new website and you have very little (if any) coding experience. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

You already understand the importance of building a trustworthy, well-designed, super-fast website. You know you need to build traffic and an audience to run a successful website. You’re also very smart.

However, starting a new website is hard. There are so many things to consider like what hosting company to use, what to call the site, what domain name to choose (com or co or net oh my).

And that’s just the setup! Then you need to design and code it. Then you gotta create content and publish it. Then you gotta promote it and watch the qualified traffic pour in. 

But you’re not a designer. You don’t know how to code. I mean, maybe a little, but all this shit is overwhelming. Where do you start?

I’m gonna make it easy for you. I’ve built hundreds of websites over the last 15+ years. And this is how I would do it from scratch:

  1. Set up hosting and WordPress install with WPEngine.
  2. Install Carbonate.
  3. Customize the theme with the info on this site to your liking. Add a logo and color scheme. Set up a few pages.
  4. Get a few posts published. Ideally six.
  5. Buy a domain name, connect it to WPEngine with an SSL Certificate.

Boom! I know that’s an oversimplified process, but that’s really all you need to do to create a website. It’s easy. You just gotta do it.

So before I ask you to buy Carbonate, make sure you at least have a WordPress install ready to go on a good hosting account. Hosting should be fast. That’s why I recommend WPEngine.

Once you’ve got that, then you can buy and download Carbonate to install on your site.

Carbonate is lightweight and fast on purpose. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to make a great site. Plus, all it’ll do is slow you down and decrease your potential search traffic.

Anyway, if you’re ready, here’s a link to get started with Carbonate.

Thanks for reading this about page. Hope it was helpful.